We believe that music breaks borders between people. We’ve created Whojam to break them between those who play it. Forever and for good.

What is Whojam?

Anyone can play music with anyone on the planet

Whojam wants to make this sentence true

Whojam is the missing link between musicians to connect and play together.
We believe that music is meant to be played together and that it sounds better this way.
For that reason, we are committed to make it easy and obvious for you to play music with anyone, wherever you live, and whenever you want.

The team

We are from Paris, passionate about music and new technologies, and especially about what we can do crossing these two fields.
Our goal is to drastically improve the number of opportunities you have to play music.
We want to break down the walls between music styles, instruments, generations and cultures, by putting you one click away from connecting with each other and making great music together.